Welcome to industrial municipality number 1 in the Trøndelag region! Orkland is the place to be if you are looking for your next exciting job, or if you are looking for a place to start your own business.  

Orkland has a variety of different industries and businesses.

Student in Orkland

Looking to combine living in Orkland with studies? No problem!

We are only a short bus, boat or car ride away from some of Norways top universities and colleges.

In roughly 35 minutes you can travel from Orkanger to NTNU at Gløshaugen or Dragvoll. In about 40 minutes you can be ready for a lecture at BI Norwegian Business School.

From Lensvik you can easily travel via boat to Trondheim. The beautiful and comfortable boat ride is only about 40 minutes.

Industrial history

Orkland has a long and proud industrial history going all the way back to the mines in Løkken Verk in 1654. The entrepreneurial spirit is still a big part of the Orkland culture, and the municipality is home to several market leading businesses within their fields.

In Orkland you can find modern industrial businesses within smelter plants, oil and gas, mechanical industry, wood industry and high-tech electronics. We are also home to food industry, aqua culture and agriculture.

Going green

Together with the Orkland municipality, local businesses have established Thamsklyngen, which is a driving force and competence bank within the circular economy and the green future. The goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of regional companies and provide increased value creation and employment.

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