Løkken Verk

Welcome to Løkken Verk – a town in the south of Orkland with over 1,200 inhabitants.

This place was home to large-scale mining for 333 years and is rich in exciting industrial history. You can get an insight into this by visiting both the mines, which today is used as – amongst other things – a spectacular concert venue and you can make a visit to the new Orkla industrial museum.

At Løkken Verk you will find shops, technology and industrial companies, hotels and restaurants. If you have children, it is worth mentioning that the town has a private combined children’s and secondary school, Løkken Verk Montessoriskole. The municipal Løkken kindergarten is located on the Folkets hus site, surrounded by a large and varied outdoor area. Here you will also find Meldal upper secondary school.

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