Ytre Agdenes

Not far from Lensvik you will find the beautiful villages of Selva, Vassbygda and Valset – which together are referred to as the outer part of Agdenes.

The area is characterized by wild and beautiful coastal nature, and is perfect for those who appreciate life by the sea!

Selva has a port history that stretches all the way back to the Viking Age, and today has a small center with a shop and a tavern. Barely five minutes away by car to the west you will find Vassbygda, a small village with around 200 inhabitants. During holidays the population multiplies, largely due to the many cabins and cottages in the area. In the summer, Storvatnet is also a favorite swimming spot, with barbecues and volleyball fields. A refreshing ice cream can be bought at the cooperative store in the village. At the very end of the municipality of Orkland in the north you will find Valset. From this beautiful scenery you can take the 25 minute ferry ride over to Ørland.

Children in the outer parts of Agdenes go to Lysheim school in Vassbygda. Here you will also find Mølnbukt kindergarten.

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