Welcome to the number one business municipality! In addition to already housing a diverse range of business actors, Orkland has great ambitions to attract even more.


The InOrkland sites offer a combination of resources unique in a European context. 100% green, renewable energy, giga scale green field areas right next to developed and thriving industries, very efficient logistics and the possibility of circular synergies with a broad base of existing industries. Explore the different categories of resources here, and make sure to get in touch to find out just how we may meet your specific needs.

InOrkland is about showing the world how the Orkland region is the best location for new, green industries.

Orkland is part of the Trondheim region, with more than 300.000 inhabitants, large and dynamic enough to attract and sustain the workforce required for an industrial super cluster. The region has a broad range of industries. Trondheim houses Norways leading technical university with 40.000 students, and the leading North European research institute SINTEF.

Orkland and Heim municipalities have several 420kv substations, in an area with lasting power surplus fed by renewable energy at the lowest prices in Northern Europe. Furthermore, the large metallurgical plants create surplus heat at several temperatures, and opportunities for offtake of substantial amounts of both steam and carbon dioxide.

The region comprises several thriving industrial areas that have lived through several transformations in technology, markets served, ownership and economical up- and downturns. Naturally, this has created a diversity of companies, creating a more resilient community. The broad range of industries is now fostering some of the most promising initiatives for circular economy in a Norwegian industrial cluster.


InOrkland promotes industry sites ranging from workshop size facilities ready to rent, through large sites of several hundred thousand square meters, to a green field giga site of more than 6 million square meters.

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