From Oslo to Orkland: – We now have a less stressful life

Åsne Mehli Gran (28) had to spend several years persuading her husband and Oslo native Christian Mehli Gran (32) to move to her home town. The verdict after barely six months as Orklanders: A simpler everyday life with less stress and hassle.  

-Orkland is quieter than the city, while at the same time meeting all our needs, says the couple.

In December 2022, they packed their things and left the apartment in Oslo in favor of a terraced house in Fannremsmoen. Moving with them was daughter Frøya, aged one and a half years.

For Åsne, the change of address represented coming home to the place where she herself grew up. For Christian, who was born and raised in the heart of Oslo, the move meant a completely new and hitherto unknown chapter: A life in far more rural surroundings.

Away from the hustle and bustle

-He needed several years to be persuaded. There was never any pressure, but I was clear that I wanted to go home to Trøndelag at some point. I wanted to live closer to my family, and we both wanted a bigger home and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, says Åsne.

They say that they first considered moving to Trondheim, as they both appreciate the proximity to city life facilities.

-I wanted to have a city around me as I was moving from Oslo. But in the end it became more important to have family close by. That’s why we ended up at Fannrem, where we have Åsne’s parents and grandfather nearby, says Christian.

Both had landed new jobs at Orkanger ahead of the move. Åsne is currently responsible for anti-money laundering and financial crime at Orkla sparebank, while Christian works as at ON Architects and Engineers.

They say that they enjoy their new jobs very well.

-We have been very well received, they say.

Safe and calm

They have not regretted choosing Orkland instead of Trondheim.

-Fannrem is located close to Orkanger, which has all important functions in one place. Trondheim is also only a short drive away, so it doesn’t feel like we’ve moved to a terribly rural place, they say.

They are also full of praise for Fannrem.

– Fannrem is perceived as very safe and calm, and a nice place for children to grow up. It is a short distance to kindergartens, schools and leisure activities, says the couple.

The daughter Frøya also enjoys the kindergarten very well, they say.

-Our daughter naturally takes up a lot of our free time. In addition, we enjoy being active, and are very happy with more space so that we can have a home gym in the garage, says Åsne.

Easier everyday life

When they look back on their time in Orkland so far, it is the tranquility they especially appreciate.

-We are happy to let go of noisy neighbors in our apartment building in Oslo, says Christian jokingly.

They are no strangers to recommending other city lovers to move to Orkland. Indeed they believe the move has had positive ripple effects for the small family of three.

-We generally a less stressful everyday life now, they say.

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