The little family is thriving in Orkland: – A very nice place to live!

Hanne Aakerholm (30) met her partner Simon Harila in Alta just before she planned to move home to Orkland. – He had no plans to move from Alta, but quickly realized that he had no choice if he wanted to be with me, says Hanne jokingly.  

Hanne has always known that she wanted to move back home at one point or another, to take over the family farm at Solbu, near Vormstad in Orkland.

That is why she made sure that she could have study far from home. After high school, she traveled to Bodø and Slovakia to study to become a veterinarian.

– When I finished my studies, I wasn’t quite ready to move back home. I therefore went to Alta, where it was possible to work in a combined practice with large and small animals, experience Finnmark and not least write off part of the student loan, says Hanne.

Practical and safe

It was in Alta that the girl from Orkland met her great love: Simon Harila. Shortly afterwards she was offered a permanent job at an animal clinic in Orkland – an opportunity she did not want to turn down.

– By then I had lived outside of Orkland for eight years, and thought it was time to come home, says Hanne.

Even though Simon initially had no plans to move from Alta, he decided to come along and move with Hanne to Orkland, more precisely Vormstad.

Here the he couple has a bought a house where they live with their daughter, little Tuva, aged 2. Hanne currently works as a veterinarian at Norsk Kylling in Orkanger, while her partner Simon works at Møller Bil.

The couple have not regretted that they chose to settle here.

– Vormstad is a very nice place to live! We get a lot of house for our money, and live close to a supermarket and playground. In addition, it is only a short drive from Orkanger, where we both work, says Hanne.

Active lifestyle

– What do you like best about living in Orkland?

– I like that Orkland is relatively small, while at the same time we have many good opportunities for sports, culture and leisure activities. There is a lot of beautiful nature here, and great hiking areas, answers Hanne, who herself is very interested in the outdoors.

Hanne also highlights the municipality’s kindergarten offer, with admissions year around. It is especially nice for families with small children.

– It’s also good to have shopping opportunities, and we don’t have to go to Trondheim to shop, she says.

The Harila Aakerholm family likes to an active lifestyle. On the weekends, they like to take advantage of the hiking opportunities in the local area, or pay a visit to Orklandbadet in Orkanger. It’s great for both kids and grown–ups!

Working on the farm

The family spends a lot of time helping the family out with work on the farm, Solbu. It is good preparation for when they will one day take over. Both Simon and Hanne study agronomy in addition to their day jobs.

– The big advantage of moving back home is family and friends. It is good to come home to the place where you grew up and feel safe. With a growing family it is also a great advantage to have family around you, says Hanne.

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