Storås, Meldal and Å

Farthest south in Orkland you will find the towns of Storås, Meldal and Å.

Meldal, often referred to as Midtbygda, has just over 600 inhabitants. Here you can find, among other things, grocery stores, a fitness centre, a hairdresser’s salon and a number of municipal services. Meldal also has a new and modern school and Grefstad kindergarten.

A seven minute drive south you arrive at the little town called Å. In addition to having the world’s shortest town name, Å, with its roughly 200 inhabitants, Å has a kindergarten close to nature, the cosy Å–stuggu cafe and grocery store. This place has pure country life idyllic to offer!

Storås has approximately 300 inhabitants, and is located eight kilometers north-west of the center of Meldal. Storås, which has previously been voted Norway’s most creative, previously hosted the highly recognized Storås Festival. The town still has an active cultural life, in addition to businesses within the car industry and wood products to name a few. If you have children, it is worth highlighting Storås kindergarten, which is close to hiking trails and scenic areas.

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