Oda (27) chose to move to Orkland after studying: – I have everything I need here

When Oda Røe (27) lived in Trondheim, there was one thing in particular she missed about her home town. Now that she has moved back home, she sees the many benefits of living outside the city.

-I have everything I need in Orkland, and don’t really miss anything, says Oda Røe (27) from Fannrem.

Five years ago, she and her partner Gard chose to return home to Orkland after finishing their studies. Oda, who has studied journalism and marketing, was ready to leave city life behind. There was one reason in particular for that:

-We lived midst a lot of students at Møllenberg, and decided to buy a dog. Combining city life with a dog was not easy. I soon found out that I wanted to live closer to nature, says Oda.

Landed dream job

Today, Oda, her partner Gard and their dog Louie live in Sundlibakkan in Fannrem. Oda works as a digital marketer in the advertising agency Allsidig Design in Orkanger.

In 2021, the company was looking for a new employee, and Oda got what she describes as her dream job.

-It was great for me! I did not really want to have to commute to Trondheim. I feel very lucky, says Oda.

The 27-year-old works with both graphic design, text, print and social media at Allsidig Design.

-I get to do a lot of different things, and I think that’s really fun. That’s one of the advantages of working in a fairly small place; there are many opportunities and you get to try a lot of different tasks, says Oda.

She also thinks it’s nice that she gets the opportunity to get to know her customers well.

– In the big city you might be small in the big picture, whereas here you actually get to know the people you work with. It makes me feel very good, says Oda.

Festivals and nature

After work, Oda likes to stay active. She greatly appreciates the proximity to forest and hiking trails, preferably Ulvåsmarka with her four-legged friend.

-I never feel like I’m done exploring Ulvåsmarka. It is large, with many nice trails all year round. Another hiking destination I really like is Resfjellet, says Oda.

Oda otherwise spends her free time working out at the fitness center and hang out with friends and family. Several of Oda’s friends from high school have chosen to move back home to Orkland after finishing their studies.

One of the highlights for the group of friends during the summer is the Parkliv festival at Orkanger. Everyone gathers there – both those who have moved back home and those who have yet to do so – for parties, music and fun.

– We meet people that we might not otherwise meet very often. It is very fun, says Oda.

No need to chose

In Orkland, proximity to nature does not have to come at the expense of proximity to services and facilities. It is possible to get both. And that’s exactly what the 27-year-old thinks is alpha omega about living here.

-Orkland is just the right size for me, with a short distance to the vast majority of offers, and at the same time it is cheaper to live here than in bigger cities.

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